Italia Classica – Ferrari Edition, 21.-25.9.2011

Ferrari järjestää vuosina 1947-1960 valmistetuille Ferrareille oman ajotapahtuman Venetsiasta Maranelloon. Alla on tapahtuman englanninkielinen kutsu. Tapahtuman kokonaishinta on 9600 euroa / autokunta. Lisätiedot ja ilmoittautumisohjeet Jan Matzkelta,


Starting from 2006 Ferrari decided to support historic cars’ owners by opening the Ferrari Classiche workshop, the department which is entitled to release Certification of authenticity and, most of all, is focused on the restoration and maintenance of the magnificent jewels manufactured in Maranello in the past.

Now, Ferrari is announcing an event dedicated to owners of significant models in the Ferrari history. For the first time, in fact, starting on September 21st until the 25th 2011, Ferrari Classiche will give its patronage to the organisation of a rally for cars built from year 1947 to 60s, on a route that will lead up to Venice from Maranello. Three will be the highlights in this beautiful city, i.e. the parade of all participating cars on reserved barges along the Canal Grande, the re-enactment of the Circuito del Lido GP on the homonymous island and the Concorso d’Eleganza, which shall reward the most beautiful and prestigious models of event.

As a matter of fact, the event is very special: it will alternate moments on public roads – including the ones on the hills nearby Maranello used by Ferrari test drivers – with relaxing moments in the most prestigious villas of Veneto and Emilia, whose owners will be glad to open exclusively for the participants.

For these reasons, Ferrari Classiche has decided to positively accept the proposal from Luca Grandori and his team of Italia Classica, an event that many important collectors around the world know already (Luca Grandori together with Ferrari also organized the 275 Tour in 2004). The event will be intitled ITALIA CLASSICA – FERRARI EDITION 2011.