Ferrari Club Finland


The purpose of Ferrari Club Finland is to

  • convene Ferrari owners who have a shared hobby and passion
  • embrace the Finnish Ferrari history
  • organise activities for the members of the Ferrari Club
  • aim to retain and increase the number of Ferraris in Finland
  • actively maintain relationships with Ferrari S.p.A and Ferrari’s importer
  • develop skilled and responsible drivers
  • promote motorsports
  • promote traffic safety

Membership to Ferrari Club Finland is open to all Ferrari owners. Anyone wishing to become a member must fill in the following membership application. The accession fee is 140€ including the first year of membership and the annual membership fee of 100€. The amount of the annual fee shall be specified in the annual meeting.

Become a member

Please carefully fill in all the fields of the form. The board of the association shall review your application at its next meeting.