Finnish Ferrari Club

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Join the Club’s Facebook group

Joining the Ferrari Club’s Facebook groups requires you to register as a Facebook user. The Club’s Facebook group is a private discussion group for Ferrari Club members, and it is only accessible upon invitation or application.

Please request an invitation to the group by email:

Please note: Send an email from the email address that you use to log in to Facebook. Otherwise an invitation cannot be sent.

If you know any Ferrari Club members who are Facebook users but are not yet members of the discussion group, you can send them an invitation to join the group. An administrator must accept the person joining the group.


The board shall convene approximately 8-12 times per year in accordance with the association’s rules. The duties of the board include e.g. planning and organising the annual events.

Board member, secretary

Katariina Aalto 0400495498

Board member (member register, membership fees)

Kari Lehto 0405500997

Board member

Kai Keituri 0400400930

Board member

Petteri Uuttu 0405143814